Friday, June 11, 2010

Digital Storytelling – Brainstorming

Before creating a digital story, irregardless of what medium your students will use, they should brainstorm in small groups what the content of the story will be. The rule that “less is more” is never truer than when using digital media, and students will need to create a narrative, and then chunk it down into parts that fit together and carry the story forward. The best way to do this is using a storyboard like the one below.

This storyboard could be used for a simple narrative with dialogue such as Bitstrips ( would use.

Use a storyboard with extended features if you are adding music and audio, such as for Photostory.

Check out for these templates and great tips on producing a simple Digital Story.
Photo Story 3 is a free download from Microsoft at it for cross-curricular narratives and easy end of the year slide shows.

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