Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking back to go forward.

 Curriculum Connections - Aug 29, 2010

Welcome back to an exciting year of innovation and engagement! I trust you spent the summer pursuing the balance and motivations that will propel you towards a vigorous and energetic start to the year.

There are changes to our practice every year, and this year brings a new evaluation process, one that should provide for more authentic opportunities for Assessment for Learning. One of our goals as ICT consultants will be to develop connections of how some of the tools and applications we have promoted can be used for deep learnings and demonstrations of understandings. We also are working to provide accessible, safe, social media experiences for teachers and students to collaborate and network. We’ll be looking at the myriad of online applications, and select and prepare documents and videos of the ones that function well, and are most relevant to your practice.

Many of us have self-selected courses and workshops during the last two months to develop and expand the classroom engagements. Why not take a moment during the first week to connect with your PLC’s and share a few of the “ah-hah” moments and innovative plans for the upcoming year. The power of Professional Development lies in the collaboration and networking, and the consolidation and reflection that happen after the conference or workshop.

A great way to do this reflecting and connecting is through a blog. The very nature of writing a piece that will be published is empowering and thoughtful, something that enhances meta-cognition in both professional and student learner.

Please take a look a colleague’s blog at for an expert example of using a blog to review, to connect, to express opinion and to solicit feedback. (Thanks to Doug Peterson for his virtual collaboration on this article.)

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