Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving Day in the Cloud

Please come visit me at my new address 
Moving a blog is not done lightly. For 33 posts my reflections and connections have resided  here at . Now I rather like that name still, it represents who I am as an educator, thoughtfully listening and gathering information, making connections and letting those understandings lead my journey.

But I have outgrown this space. My learning path is collaborative in nature and many of my connections and key understandings happen during the workshops and presentations that I am privileged to facilitate. This summer I will be collaborating on three different such professional gatherings and I need a place to house links and information for participants.

So I’ve moved to a new address,

 bringing with me that what I value, and excitedly starting to set up my new house in the clouds.

BTW the header is the beautiful water gardens at Kew in London, taken with an RCA flip. Love the idea of the connected network here. #cck11 Looking through the lilies you can see the reflection of the ceiling of the conservatory and the clouds above.

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